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Dr Leow Chee Seng

United Kingdom Trainer Member

Human Behaviour Academy



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Holds a Certificate in Qualitative Research Method (Georgia, US), Certified stress management consultant (IACT, US), Master of Business Administration, Master of Counselling and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from the United Business Institute in Belgium. 


Relevant Experience:

His PhD research was in the area of social science that under supervision of Prof. Malik Badri in the area of children attitude and behaviour. 

Published more than 50 journals / articles on nonverbal communication, attitude, behaviour, counselling, psychopathology and psychology. 


Published books on nonverbal communication, marketing and human governance. 


Health Expert for Tigas Health Group, Panel Expert and speaker for Asian Productivity Organisation


Adjunct Professor for HELP University, Regional Director of British Institute of Homeopathy (UK), Editoral Board Member for Body Language Journal. 


Visiting lecturer for University Putra Malaysia, National Singapore University, HELP university. 


Conducted more than 100 trainings in management, consumer behaviour, work place behaviour, psychopathology. 




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