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Mr Marcus Chai Chiew Wee

Singapore Trainer Member


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Mr Marcus Chai Chiew Wee was born in Malaysian and currently resides in Singapore as a permanent resident there. 


He is currently working as a leadership effectiveness manager in an international bank in Singapore and undertook a professional qualification as a Certified Professional Marketer (Asia).


He received an honorable "Excellent Service Award" in the banking industry for three consecutive years in 2010, 2011 as well as 2012. 


His experience is in selling and hence his skills was acquired as a  sales coach and trainer for over 200 learners in professional selling. He also conducted numerous nonverbal communication seminars for virtual and face-to-face sales professional in the banking industry. 

Relevant Experience:

Conducted professional selling skills for banking staff at front line mainly customer service managers, virtual relationship managers, voice and virtual associates on how to use paralanguage like vocal characterizers, vocal qualifiers and vocal segregates. This form of training  prepares virtual selling to customers without face to face interaction. 

Conducted training for face-to-face sales professional like service managers and sales specialist on how to spot hot button of customers through identifying body language and postures, facial expression and eyes contact, gestures and touch.


Assess managers on performance coaching with their direct reports on how to interpret their intensity, timing and pace, gestures and sound which accurately read people including the emotions they are feeling and the unspoken messages they are sending.  


To audit outbound calls through listening to calls  and to train sales personnel to understand paralanguage to improve their selling skills. 



CPM (Asia) and MBA 




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