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Mr Vincent Leong Wing Sum

Malaysian Trainer Member


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Mr Vincent Leong Wing Sum was born in Malaysia in 1987. He is currently completing his PhD in the area of social psychology. His research interest includes attitudes and behaviour of consumers. He has conducted numerous training seminars in the area of nonverbal communication. He is also a co-author for a soon to be published book on body language.

Relevant Experience
Conducted training for the museum department of Malaysia in the area of nonverbal communication to attract more visitors.

Training in the area of body language and negotiating skills for sales personnel to increase sales.


Bachelor of Arts (Honors)(Business Studies)
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)(Psychology)
Master of Business Administration





Mr Alex Ong Kiam Wooi

Malaysian Trainer Member


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Mr Alex Ong Kiam Wooi was born in Malaysia 1971 ( age 41). 


He is currently working as CFO in one of the well established hotel management organizations in Kuala Lumpur with professional qualification of Association Member of Chartered Management Accountant and he is also a holder of an MBA degree. He received an honourable Award in 2001 as The Best Trainer In hotel specializing in non verbal communication.


He has conducted numerous nonverbal communication training seminars for hotel staff and managers.


Experience includes:
Conducted training for hotel frontline employee mainly butlers, waiters and waitress, guest services agents and housekeeping attendance on how to interpret guests gestures and touch, by body language or posture, by facial expression and eye contact. The training can improve a person to be more proactive and service oriented. 

Conducted training for hotel head of department to interpret staff facial expression to enable them to show their empathy, sincerity and warmth so that they can easily get support from the subordinates without great effort taken.

To train sales personnel to understand body language through micro expression to improve their public relation skills and ability to react to close a sales.




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