International Micro Expressions Association (IMEXA)

International Micro Expressions Association (IMEXA) Complaints Procedure

IMEXA takes all grievances extremely seriously. Should you wish to express your dissatisfaction concerning our organizations’ services or members, the following actions should be taken: –


Complaint process


● IMEXA should be alerted at the earliest opportunity in the event of any grievances experienced by a student/member with any education Institutions accredited by IMEXA.


● Complaint procedure for student/member: submit a complaint to IMEXA by email:


● IMEXA will forward any grievances to their accredited Institutions with guidance to problem solving and resolution outcome.


● Should any student/member be dissatisfied with the outcome, please direct your email to: (NOTE: The correct channel of complaint should be followed before an email is sent to the President of IMEXA to avoid any disappointment)


● IMEXA contact details are found on all course materials, website, stationery, banners and the introduction at the beginning of each course.


● Provide the following details with your complaint: In all cases as much information should be given about the complaint as possible.


1. Student/member number.

2. Full name, date and location of course attended.

3. Any supporting evidence in the form of documents or date(s) and time(s) of occurrences.

4. Your desired outcome or resolution of the complaint.

5. Full details of where the reply should be sent to.


Resolution process


● All complaints will be acknowledged by the relevant means as soon as they have been received.

● IMEXA shall then conduct a full internal investigation impartially and thoroughly.

● A written report will be made after the investigation on its findings and any remedial action. This shall be sent to you within 10 working days of your complaint being received.


All complaints will be held on file at IMEXA.