Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

1. Purpose

This policy sets out IMEXA’s approach to equality and diversity. IMEXA is committed to promoting equality and diversity and promoting a culture that actively values difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the Board and enhance the way we function.

IMEXA aims to be an inclusive organisation, committed to providing equal opportunities throughout the development of members, and to pro-actively engage in and disqualify discrimination.


2. Equality and diversity at IMEXA

At IMEXA, we promote equality of opportunity, and ensure access for all individuals.

We acknowledge that equality and diversity are not inter-changeable but inter-dependent. We promote equality of opportunity to all individuals and difference is valued and governed.


3. Scope

The rights and obligations set out in this policy apply equally to all students/members. You have personal responsibility for the application of this policy. As an IMEXA student/member, you are expected to read and familiarise yourself with this policy, ensure that this policy is properly observed and fully complied with.


4. IMEXA’s commitment

Every student/member is entitled to an environment that promotes dignity, equality and respect for all. IMEXA will not tolerate any acts of unlawful or unfair discrimination (including harassment) committed against a student/member being of a protected characteristic:

  •  Gender
  •  Gender reassignment
  •  Marriage and civil partnership
  •  Pregnancy and maternity
  •  Race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality and national origin);
  •  Disability
  •  Sexual orientation
  •  Religion and or belief; and
  •  Age

No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated. If you believe that you may have suffered discrimination because of any of the above protected characteristics, you should consider the appropriateness and feasibility of attempted informal resolution by discussion in the first instance with IMEXA.

Allegations regarding potential breaches of this policy will be treated in confidence and investigated in accordance with the appropriate procedure. IMEXA will ensure that individuals who make such allegations in good faith will not be victimised or treated less favourably by IMEXA as a result. However, false allegations of a breach of this policy which are found to have been made in bad faith will be dealt with under IMEXA’s Discipline Policy.

(to be drafted)


A person found to have breached this policy may be subject to disciplinary action under IMEXA’s Discipline Policy.

Students/members may also be personally liable for any acts of discrimination prohibited by this policy that they commit, meaning that they can be held legally accountable for their actions.


5. When does this policy apply?

This policy applies to all students/members to conduct themselves within the structure of the Organisation and also as professionals being associated with IMEXA in any/all environments such as inclusive but not limited to online platforms, social media groups, meetings, social events and social interactions with colleagues or which may impact on IMEXA’s reputation; the expression of views on social media, contrary to the commitments expressed in this policy, which could be linked to IMEXA.

We set out below some specific areas of application:


6. IMEXA’s legal duties

IMEXA is additionally subject to public sector equality duties under Equality legislation. This policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by IMEXA to assess its effectiveness and may be amended from time to time.



By becoming a student/member of IMEXA, you have read and agreed to uphold this policy


This policy has been in operation since February 2021 and will be reviewed in March 202