Disability Discrimination Policy Statement

International Micro Expressions Association (IMEXA) Disability Discrimination Policy Statement

IMEXA opposes all forms of disability discrimination.

  • If you have a mobility problem or any other disability that would make it difficult for you to access our showrooms, IMEXA Staff will contact members to discuss your specific requirements. Please contact IMEXA to arrange a suitable appointment.
  • The purpose of this statement is to ensure that IMEXA complies with the Disability Discrimination legislation and to ensure that disabled people falling within this category are treated fairly and equally.
  • IMEXA will give training and guidance to all relevant staff on the provisions and requirements of Disability Discrimination legislation to ensure that discriminatory risks / attitudes are minimised and that all such staff are able to make all our members’ experiences of dealing with us as pleasurable as possible.
  • IMEXA is committed to making all reasonable adjustments as required by law, to ensure that disabled persons are able to use the services provided by IMEXA.
  • All reasonable and necessary requests by the member for changes will be investigated and communicated back to the member.

Date: February 2021

Review date: February 2022