Code of Conduct

International Micro Expressions Association (IMEXA) Code of Conduct

1.1 IMEXA Commitment


Our ability to create value is dependent on applying high ethical standards to create a trust-based relationship with our colleagues, students, partners, and our communities. In our business activities, we will comply with applicable laws, act in an ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible manner and practice good corporate governance. We will conduct our business consistently in accordance with our code of conduct and guiding Principles and we will maintain an open dialogue on ethical issues, internally and externally.


1.2 Vision Statement


IMEXA is an Independent & Voluntary Association with a Board of Directors that supports and develops a Professional Practice and Skills Developing Environment for Micro Expressionists, Deceptionologists, Law enforcement and Security professionals worldwide through Standards of Competence and adherence to a Code of Ethics.


1.3 Mission Statement

IMEXA supports and develops a professional practice and a skill developing culture for Micro Expressionists, Deceptionologists, Law enforcement and Security professionals through Standards of Competence and adherence to a Code of Ethics. IMEXA Certifies accredited Training Courses in Micro Expressions, Nonverbal Communication/Body Language and verbal and nonverbal Lie and Deception Detection.


1.4 Our Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct sets out our expectations, commitments, and requirements for ethical conduct. The Code of Conduct applies to IMEXA board members, employees and hired contractors. The Code reflects our values: Openness, Honesty, Justice and Collaboration. The Code of Conduct includes our most important requirements and provides references to our governing documents. The Code of conduct does not remove the need for IMEXA board members to exercise good judgment.



1.5 Members Responsibilities

IMEXA sets high ethical standards for everyone who acts on IMEXA’s behalf. It is a member’ responsibility to comply with the Code of Conduct, both in letter and in spirit. While serving as a board member, members are also responsible for complying with other governing documents and applicable laws relevant to their work. What this means to a member:

1. Avoid misrepresentation of their own or any person’s qualifications, education, training, experience, competence, or area of expertise.

2. Limit their professional service(s) and professional comments to their recognised area(s) of expertise.

3. Clearly distinguish professional comments from personal opinions (based on personal views).

4. Agree to their name and respective roles and background to be used on IMEXA’s webpage.

5. Refrain from providing any misrepresentation of data or results upon which an expert opinion or conclusion is based, and conclusions and statements of members should be without bias.

6. Take responsibility for the integrity of their work.

7. Keep accurate and clear records of their work in such a manner as to allow verification of such work by others.

8. Disclose potential conflicts of interest.

9. Conduct themselves in an honourable manner that is in line with the best interest, goals, and purposes of IMEXA.

10. Refrain from issuing public statements which appear to represent the position of IMEXA without first obtaining written permission from the Board of IMEXA, or its mandated representative.

11. State their membership category in full, when disclosing their membership.

12. Abide by the procedures and guidelines on the subject of professional conduct as prescribed by the Board of IMEXA.

13. Bring to the attention of the Board of IMEXA, any violation of this Code of Conduct by an IMEXA member.

14. Keep information related to IMEXA confidential, where appropriate.

15. Adhere to any national legislative prescripts and to the stipulations and spirit of the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity, when conducting research.

16. Shall not deceive, defraud, or mislead IMEXA board members, or those with whom IMEXA has business or relationships.

17. Will not misrepresent IMEXA in any negotiations, dealings, contracts, or agreements.

18. Will not divulge or release any information of a proprietary nature relating to IMEXA’s plans, mission, or operational databases without appropriate approval from the President or Vice President (in the event of unavailability of the President) of IMEXA.

19. Will not accept any considerations, gifts, or remuneration of any kind from any individual, business or organization, connected to any board member’s relationship with IMEXA.



1.6 Asking Questions and Reporting Concerns


The Code aims at being as clear and direct as possible, but it cannot address every situation that may arise. Members should raise questions or seek advice when uncertain on how to proceed in any given situation. If you suspect a possible violation of the Code or other unethical conduct, it is your duty to report this immediately. This includes any attempt of corruption you may become aware of. We recognise that raising a concern is not always easy and we have several channels for taking concerns forward.


What this means to you:

• Inform IMEXA ( immediately if you become aware of any activity that you think is a violation of the Code of Conduct.

• General questions regarding the interpretation of the Code may also be addressed to (


1.7 Non-Retaliation Policy


We will not accept any form of retaliation against any person who has raised an ethical or legal concern in good faith. Acting in good faith means that you have made a sincere report in a responsible manner through any of the channels listed above. This applies even if a report does not turn out to be an actual violation of the Code of Conduct.


1.8 Consequences of Breaches

We will not accept any breaches of the Code or the law. Potential misconduct may be investigated by relevant internal or external experts. We will pursue remedial measures if a member breaches the Code of Conduct or laws. The same applies to board members who disregard or accept such breaches through negligence or knowledge. The remedial measures could include termination of position and reporting to relevant authorities. Incidents of ethical misconduct shall be registered and reported in accordance with our governing documents.

1.9 Code of Ethics and Compliance

IMEXA encourages the highest level of moral and ethical conduct of its members. The services provided by members, impact greatly on the success of the Association.

Members are required to accept and abide by our Code of Ethical Conduct to promote the highest quality of professional standards. We work in a systematic manner to ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct and applicable laws. Our ethics and compliance functions are headed by the IMEXA Compliance Officer who is responsible for supervising IMEXA’s ethics and compliance activities, including providing guidance on the Code of Conduct and following up potential breaches. The Board will ensure a strong focus on, common understanding of, and compliance with IMEXA’s ethical requirements.



2.0 Declaration

IMEXA Certifies Training Courses and Institutions offering training in:

Institution: Micro Expressions Solutions (PTY) LTD


· MEX (Micro Expressions) I, II & III – Certificate

· SAVCAPE (Statement and Verbal Credibility Assessment & Practical Evaluation) – Certificate

· Advanced SAVCAPE (Statement Credibility Assessment & Practical Evaluation) – Certificate

· Advanced Psychology Level IV – Certificate

· Advanced Interviewing & Skills I & II – Certificate

· Criminal Profiling – Certificate

· Forensic Profiling – Certificate

· C.A.I & I.T (…..) Diploma in Elucidation – Certificate

· Positive Conflict Management – Certificate

· Intelligence Communication – Certificate


Institution: Hotspur Training


Courses: Security Industry licensing and certification


· Door Supervision

· CCTV Operator

· Security Guarding

· Close Protection

· Cash and Valuables in Transit

· First Aid

· Fire Safety/Marshall

· Physical Intervention and Conflict Management

· Continuous Professional Development and upskilling courses.


are in fact associated with IMEXA.