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More about us and what we do

The International Micro Expressionists Association

IMEXA supports and develops a professional practice and a skills developing culture for Micro Expressionists through Standards of Competence and adherence to a Code of Ethics.

IMEXA Certifies Training Courses and Institutions offering training in Micro Expressions, Nonverbal Communication/Body Language as well as verbal and nonverbal Lie and Deception Detection. 


IMEXA also Certifies Micro Expressionists that have completed an IMEXA Accredited Training Course.


Furthermore, IMEXA also offers certification to Deceptionologists with a Diploma in Deceptionology.




Welcome to our new members

Find out who joined IMEXA recently


*Update 24 September 2012

IMEXA is proud to announce the following new members:


Dr Leow Chee Seng (United Kingdom)
Mr Marcus Chai Chiew Wee (Singapore)
Mr Alex Ong Kiam Wooi (Malaysia)
Mr Vincent Leong Wing Sum (Malaysia)




*Update 2 September 2012

IMEXA is proud to announce Stu Dunn as a Trainer Member in New ZealandSDL Behavioural Science Consultancy is now also a Certified Training Institution in New Zealand


Click here to find his contact details.


Until further notice Stu Dunn will handle Autralian queries.




*Update 22 August 2012

IMEXA is proud to announce that Sachchidanand Swami is now a Research Member in India.

Click here to find his contact details.





The different Membership Options
Which membership best applies to you?

Membership options include:
a) Accredited Trainer Member 
b) Accredited Research Member 
c) Accredited Training Institution 
d) Accredited Research Institution 
e) Student Member 
f) Practioner Member 


Contact us if you want to join as a member. 




Micro Expressions Training

Let us connect you to a training instituion close to you


We have a list of IMEXA Certified:
- Micro Expressions Training Institutions
- Certified Micro Expressions Trainers

Contact us at imexa@imexa.org to recommend a Micro Expressions Trainer or Training Institution.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that needs an answer?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Email: imexa@imexa.org 





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IMEXA - The International Micro Expressionist Association



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