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What We Do

IMEXA supports and develops a professional practice and a skills developing culture for Micro Expressionists through Standards of Competence and adherence to a Code of Ethics.

IMEXA Certifies Training Courses and Institutions offering training in Micro Expressions, Nonverbal Communication/Body Language as well as verbal and nonverbal Lie and Deception Detection. 

IMEXA also Certifies Micro Expressionists that have completed an IMEXA Accredited Training Course.

Furthermore, IMEXA also offers certification to Deceptionologists with a Diploma in Deceptionology.

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We are Impartial

 IMEXA consist of a board of Directors that receives no remuneration for their service and contributions. 

This is done to ensure impartiality as well as to ensure that courses remain affordable.


Membership to IMEXA was, is and always will remain free. (Your training institution might charge you an administration fee to renew your membership yearly.)

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Welcome to IMEXA

The International Micro Expressionists Association


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